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Ravels — Jomo Chiteji

A dream


the pen pierced you,

hooked, and pulled


See, now

it has been a needle, after all


These ravels are yours,

on this snow


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Party’s Over — Roberto Beltran

The loundness makes me pee out of tune onto my shoe inside a crowded
bathroom when I should be out in nature pissing next to a tree to mark
where I wanna be buried.

I feel my slow heat pumping the dust off when seeing a mixture of
beauties dancing themselves into a freshly moist glow that’s bright
enough to guide our-boys home from the War.

The rotting of my teeth ruins the taste of the fuity booze I drink
out of a coconut trough a bamboo straw.

I sit like an old man in pain by a modern chair designed from used
plastic by a kid nold enough to have their picture on the back of a
milk carton if they were ever missing.

The truth that comes of my damaged mouth puts a stop to the
music and leads the kids into piles of dog shit.

I no longer have the playfulnessof my age for now I only eat birthday
cake at funerals.

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