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Allupato — Cutter Streeby

red-wine, cigarette smoke vowels
tremble like foreign Saints
swallowed and slurred
that hang, palated
between teeth, on tongues

sailors float in from ocean lights,
dripping foot-steps through port cities.

‘Ciao, bello’ falls
behind the prostitute’s hips;
a bruised lily petal swept
quickly out of sight.

Hidden rats flutter between sails—
silent rib-cage promises

‘Can you speak English?’
Saint Martyr flames lick
whip-cracked air. consonant
threats subdue rebellion.

Motionless, a kestrel floats
caged between oceans.
a falling cigarette
surrenders in a Milan parking lot.

‘If you want me to,‘ she sighs
relaxing into lily flames.

I capture the blood of words.
I fill the Mediterranean
with coins.


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